Monday, 29 December 2014

The Lunge Test

The ankle joint is such an important joint for normal function as it is really how the body moves forward over the foot that is planted on the ground. For this to happen the motion at the ankle joint has to be sufficient and smooth. There does seem to be quite a lot of inconsistency in the literature as to what is the most appropriate range of motion for the ankle joint and I really can’t find any definitive answer to what is normal. To make it more complicated some ranges of motion studies are done with the subtalar joint relaxed and some with the subtalar joint in neutral, as some dorsiflexion is available at that joint. To even further complicate it, some range of motion assessments are done non-weight-bearing and some are done weight-bearing. We do not really know how valid the non-weight-bearing methods of assessing the ankle joint range of motion are. The lunge test is one test that is done weight-bearing and with the subtalar joint in a relaxed position. While we have some general impressions as to what the normal range of motion for the lunge test should be, these are only general impressions with no definitive answer as what is normal. I just find it incredibly intriguing that joint that is so important for normal function especially running and walking, that we really do not know what is normal range should be.

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